September 14, 2013

Privacy Policy

Tapgift Privacy Policy

Simplified Tapgift Privacy Statement

Tapgift uses your personal identifying information to enable Tapgift’s core function(s), which include:

  • enabling a friend in one location to buy gifts for other friends who are attending Tapgift-enabled venues;
  • enabling merchants to target offers to you inside and outside of Tapgift-enabled venues without revealing your personal identifying information;
  • enabling Tapgift to select and announce winners of prizes and to fulfill the pick-up or delivery of prizes;
  • enabling you to interact with your designated social network friends in activities such as gifting, sharing offers, and messaging;
  • enabling your social network friends to locate you personally at a specific Tapgift-enabled venue upon check in, at which time Tapgift posts an update to your social network(s) on your behalf and with respect to your social network privacy settings;
  • sending to you by email promotions, confirmations, receipts, reminders, and administrative messages regarding your use of Tapgift.

Tapgift may use social logins (such as Facebook Login and G+) to create your Tapgift account and log you in. These login methods eliminate the need for a new username and password.

Visibility of posts to your social network wall made by Tapgift on your behalf are subject to your privacy settings on the target social network.

Partner or merchant offers you receive in a Tapgift email, mobile app, or web page may be targeted to users matching some or all of your personal preferences or characteristics without revealing your personal identifying information.

Tapgift may use your personal identifying information for administrative or customer service purposes, for example to respond to your inquiries, maintain a history of your Tapgift purchases and redemptions, and facilitate your use of Tapgift for its intended purposes.

Tapgift does not share your personal identifying information with third-party marketers for their use in marketing to you; however, Tapgift may share such information as necessary to facilitate pickup, delivery, or fulfillment of a particular item or event ticket you’ve purchased on Tapgift.

Tapgift may share your personal identifying information with joint promotion partners, such as sports teams and other marketers who provide prizes, incentives, merchandise, and user/fan experiences at their venues. Tapgift may share your personal identifying information with joint promotion partners as necessary for the fulfillment of promotions and follow-up, and for sending you additional promotional offers.

Tapgift may at times act as an agent/platform for a partner marketing organization, in which use of your personal information will be subject to the partner’s Privacy Policy.

You agree that Tapgift and its joint promotion partners may contact you by your supplied contact methods (including email, telephone, and postal mail) for the purpose of customer service or other administrative purpose.

You may opt out of Tapgift Network promotional emails; however, other Tapgift functions require sending you transactional messages and emails, including mobile app notifications, email receipts, SMS alerts, and other transactional communications necessary to the proper function of the system.

Tapgift Network, Inc. Detailed Privacy Policy

General Privacy Terms

This document describes how Tapgift Network, Inc. (TNI) treats personal information about you that we collect in connection with the Tapgift website and Tapgift’s mobile apps (together referred to as “Tapgift”).

Use of Tapgift is governed by the Terms of Service posted on the website and in the mobile apps. TNI is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of California, USA.

TNI expressly excludes any representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to the information available on Tapgift. TNI makes no representation about any third-party websites that may be accessed via links from Tapgift. By using Tapgift, you agree that the laws of the State of California, without regard to its conflict of laws principles, will govern all matters between you and TNI with respect to your use of Tapgift.

Information TNI Collects

You can visit the Tapgift website and download the Tapgift mobile apps without revealing your personal information. However, to use Tapgift for its intended purposes you must enter restricted portions of the website and/or mobile apps to register and provide personal information such as your name, email address, and mobile phone number, and if you choose to make purchases, we will request your valid payment account information for your preferred payment method such as a credit or debit card number, Paypal credentials, or other electronic payment credentials.

You may also be asked to provide optional information about your personal characteristics such as date of birth and gender, as well as about your preferences for products, services, teams, and other information that can help TNI personalize your Tapgift experience with targeted, contextual, relevant, and timely offers and that can help your social network friends select relevant and timely gifts. TNI also collects information from you as necessary to deliver gifts you purchase or offers that you forward to third party recipients who may or may not be Tapgift members.

The contact information you provide to enable delivery of a gift or a deal to an individual will be used only for the purpose of delivering that gift or deal, for example, in an email or text message and follow-up emails or text messages sent on your behalf to ensure the delivery of the email and to facilitate redemption of the gift.

TNI may also ask you to provide personal information in the context of completing surveys, requesting information or specific assistance with the use of the service.

TNI may also collect non-personally identifying information about you and your use of Tapgift using technologies such as cookies and beacons. Also, for Tapgift to provide its innovative and valuable service, Tapgift may use technical means such as GPS and wireless proximity to identify your physical location (“geolocation”) at a Tapgift-enabled venue. You may disable Tapgift geolocation through your mobile device Location settings. Tapgift may provide additional geolocation preference settings.

To protect your security and privacy, TNI does not permit accounts created under pseudonyms or handles. Tapgift requires that you personally enter your personal information, and that by creating an account you agree that the information you enter is current and accurate. Tapgift disclaims any legal duty to verify the accuracy of any data that you provide to Tapgift.

Using Tapgift, you may view some of the personal data you have provided, which is stored in your Tapgift profile, which is accessible through the Tapgift website and mobile app. If you have lost access to your Tapgift account, you may access the personal information on file by contacting Tapgift Customer Service at

At any time you can request that Tapgift delete your personal information by sending an email to Tapgift Customer Service at

Tapgift’s Use of Your Personal Information

Use of Personal Information: Core Functions

Tapgift provides a valuable service that requires you to provide personal data to TNI, some of which may be shared with your friends who also use Tapgift and/or those who use and follow you on the social networks (such as Facebook and others) that you designate. The purpose of collecting and sharing this data is to enable the following valuable functions, as well as other innovative functions in the future that enable you as a Tapgift member to:

  • send gifts in real time to friends who attend events in Tapgift-enabled venues;
  • receive and redeem gifts in real time as you attend events in a Tapgift-enabled venue;
  • receive and redeem targeted and contextual marketing offers before, during, and after events in a Tapgift-enabled venue;
  • interact socially with social network friends inside and outside of a Tapgift-enabled venue;
  • send gifts and/or deals via email and/or text message to other people who may not be Tapgift members.

Tapgift also enables non-members using the Tapgift website (“guests”) to send gifts via email to recipients who may or may not already be Tapgift members.

TNI reserves the right to collect, save, and analyze any data we collect from you through your use of Tapgift. Tapgift may use your information to the extent required to enable the valuable and innovative functions of the apps and associated website, including:

  • creating a profile containing data visible to Tapgift and your friends on the Tapgift system, Facebook, and other social networks you choose to connect to. This information may include your name, email address, phone number, and personal characteristics such as birth date and gender, as well as preferences such as favorite gifts and teams, your profile photo(s), and additional information you choose to share;
  • creating a “friends list” stored by Tapgift that may include your social network friends retrieved from your social network(s), mobile phone contacts retrieved from your mobile phone address book, or friends you enter manually for the purpose of sending a gift, sharing a deal or message, or interacting socially with friends;
  • displaying in the Tapgift app and posting on your designated social network(s) your check-in status at a Tapgift venue, such that Tapgift friends and other social network friends will see a message indicating your attendance at the venue, along with your relevant profile data;
  • enabling the sending of gifts and offers and messages to you based on your specific location (such as section, row, seat, or level) in a supported venue;
  • enabling you to send gifts or forward offers via email or text message to friends who are not already Tapgift member;
  • entering and storing securely your personal credentials required for completing purchases using a credit or debit card, Paypal, or other electronic payment method;
  • transmitting personal payment credentials to the payment-processing third party, as required to authenticate and complete the purchase and payment of an item for sale on Tapgift;
  • transmitting a gift-sender’s name and contact information to a gift recipient;
  • transmitting a gift or deal recipient’s status to a sender in the process of acknowledging receipt of a gift and transmitting a gift’s or deal’s redemption status to the sender such that a sender will learn the recipient’s physical location at a supported Tapgift venue at the time of redemption;
  • targeting of contextual and relevant offers, promotional messages, and promotional gifts to you based on your check-in status, personal preferences, purchasing history, and other attributes;
  • maintaining in the Tapgift app and database a history of your gifts purchased, received, or shared, and your offers redeemed or shared;
  • enabling Tapgift partners to send you through Tapgift (without possessing or seeing your personal identifying information) marketing offers, and/or promotional messages or gifts based on your check-in status, history, stated preferences, inferred preferences, and purchase history;
  • enabling Tapgift Joint Promotion Partners such as sports teams and other marketers who provide prizes, incentives, merchandise, and user/fan experiences at their venues. Tapgift may share your personal information with Joint Promotion Partners as necessary for the fulfillment of promotions and follow-up, and for sending you additional promotional offers.

  • enabling Tapgift to perform aggregate data analysis and reporting that does not reveal your personal information, in order to help TNI and its partners understand user behaviors, trends, and transactions related to the core Tapgift functions.

Use of Personal Information: Development, Maintenance, Management, and Customer Service

Personal data may be visible to Tapgift staff, joint promotion partners, technology partners, and support providers involved with developing and managing the Tapgift system. To provide responsive customer service, Tapgift representatives may access your user profile and transaction history. Also, TNI will provide to third-party payment processors the personal credentials required to process payments.


Use of Personal Information: Aggregate Data

Tapgift uses your data in aggregate (without revealing personal identifying information) for purposes that include:

  • reporting to Tapgift partners the sales transactions completed within Tapgift, including products purchased, redemption location, prices paid, seat locations (in aggregate) of users making purchases and/or redeeming gifts or offers, and other transaction data;
  • analyzing and reporting such that Tapgift and its partners may learn more about user needs by analyzing trends, geographic clusters, behavioral history, and other data not tied to the identifying information of any individual person;
  • optimizing selection of products offered for sale, the price of products, and choice of marketing offers;
  • transmitting offers to groups of users based on aggregate preferences, check-in status, or other characteristics.

Use of Personal Information: Geolocation

Tapgift may determine your location via user-initiated (manual) check-in at a venue–including optional venue seat location–such that Tapgift can direct location-relevant offers and messages and can prompt you to check in to a Tapgift-supported venue.

Tapgift may use technical location services (GPS and/or wireless network proximity) to determine your location based on your device location services preferences. Tapgift may provide additional controls within the app for enabling and disabling technical location services.

Use of Personal Information: Social Networks

As a social networking app, Tapgift may require a connection to your social networking account account to create your social log in, and download into Tapgift data that includes your list of social network friends, birth date and gender, your relevant preferences, and other personal information.

By default, Tapgift does not post status updates to your social network account unless you take specific action to Share. If you Share a Tapgift item or your Tapgift status, the post will be subject to the privacy policy on your target social network(s).


Disclosure of Personal Identifying Information: General Principles

TNI does not disclose personal identifying or contact information of a user, social network friend, or phone list contact for purposes other than what is required to enable the functions of the Tapgift system, to provide customer service, to fulfill items you purchase or win from partners that might require pickup or delivery, to arrange your attendance in events you might purchase or win from partners through Tapgift, or to announce your selection (by a promotions partner) as a Tapgift prize winner.

TNI may share your personal identifying information with Joint Promotion Partners such as sports teams, and other venues that provide products, exeriences, contests, and other mobile engagement powered by the Tapgift system.

TNI will not share your personal identifying information or contact information with other third party marketers for other purposes without your consent.

Tapgift serves as an intermediary through which other marketing and venue partners may target and transmit offers without the need to know your personal identifying information.

From time to time, TNI may offer you opportunities to participate in programs including but not limited to fan events or research panels, or to receive marketing materials or other content for which your personal identifying information may be disclosed, and in such cases Tapgift will provide the opportunity to opt-in and opt-out on a case-by-case basis.

Disclosure of Personal Identifying Information: Trusted Administrative Partners

TNI may share your personal identifying information and other personal information with trusted companies we engage with to support Tapgift’s technical and administrative functions. These companies are contractually bound to use information they receive only to perform their contracted services, such as accounting, customer support, technical support, database management, mailing and shipping, software development and testing, customer service, and other technical and administrative functions.

Disclosure of Personal Identifying Information: Marketing and Advertising Partners

TNI may share your information in aggregate—without sharing your personal identifying information—with marketing partners such that they can target offers and promotional messages to segments of the Tapgift audience based on the information you choose to share and based on your interactions and usage of Tapgift.

TNI may share non-personally identifying, aggregate information about you with marketing partners, and advertising partners may collect and use non-personally identifying information you provide, as well as information derived from your use of Tapgift, to personalize and optimize the effectiveness of offers or promotions.

Disclosure of Personal Identifying Information: Tapgift as an Agent/Platform

Tapgift may at times act as an agent/platform for a partner marketing organization, in which case Tapgift may be subject to the partner’s Privacy Policy and other obligations.

Disclosure of Personal Identifying Information: Merger, Acquisition, or Sale

TNI may also share your information with a new corporate entity if TNI is reincorporated or otherwise transferred to another entity by way of a merger, acquisition, sale of TNI’s assets, or other change in corporate structure or governance, or if Tapgift (the service) is sold to or transferred for operation by another entity.

Disclosure of Personal Information: Third-party sites

The Tapgift website and mobile applications may provide links to third-party websites over which TNI has no control. A link to a third-party site does not constitute an endorsement of the site by TNI, and your usage of a third party site is subject to each third-party site’s own Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies.


Technical Information: Cookies and Other Technologies

TNI collects non-personally identifying statistical and technical information, such as page views, unique visitors, session duration, browsers, devices, user IP addresses, and other common statistics, using website and mobile app monitoring techniques such as cookies and other technologies for maintaining user and Tapgift sessions, compiling usage statistics for both the website and mobile apps and other TNI sites, personalizing your interaction with Tapgift and other TNI websites, completing Tapgift transactions, and monitoring and reporting on your experience of the service. Tapgift and third-party advertising partners may also employ cookies and other technologies to monitor and measure advertising viewership.



When you register to use Tapgift (on the website or in mobile apps), you agree to receive gifts, offers (“deals”) and promotional messages within Tapgift, as this is the primary purpose of the system.

Privacy Preferences: Updating your Tapgift Account

You may change your privacy preferences at any time within your Tapgift account’s Privacy Preferences section, available through the Tapgift website or mobile apps. If you opt-out of some aspects of information-sharing, some core functions of Tapgift may become unavailable.

If at any time you no longer want to use Tapgift, you may close your account by contacting Tapgift Customer Service. When you close your Tapgift account, your personal information will no longer be visible or available to any other Tapgift user; however, TNI may retain your data for administrative or technical purposes, as in backup archives and/or transaction and or analytical reports.

Privacy Preferences: Other TNI or Third-Party Content

From time to time, TNI may offer you opportunities to receive TNI or partner marketing materials, publications, surveys, or other content, for which you will be given the opportunity to opt-in and specify your preferred contact method(s). At any time you may later opt-out of these kinds of communications through standard opt-out mechanisms.

Privacy Preferences: Other TNI or Third-Party Content

By using Tapgift you agree that TNI may send you email or postal mail, or call you by telephone with regards to billing, customer service, legal, or other administrative or technical issues related to your usage of the Tapgift network.


Tapgift uses reasonable security measures to safeguard your personal information. Despite those measures, it is impossible to guarantee complete security with respect to information sent through the Internet. TNI will, to the extent possible, control your personal information, and, except as otherwise set forth in this Privacy Policy, will not disclose your personal information to third parties, unless as required by law.


This Privacy Policy is subject to change. You are advised to review it occasionally, and your continued use of Tapgift subsequent to TNI’s modification of the policy shall constitute your acceptance of the modified Privacy Policy. If any term or provision of this Privacy Policy shall be found to be invalid, illegal or otherwise unenforceable, such finding shall not affect the other terms or provisions of this Privacy Policy, or the whole of this Privacy Policy, but such term or provision shall be deemed modified to the extent necessary to render such term or provision enforceable, and the rights and obligations of you and TNI shall be construed and enforced accordingly, preserving to the fullest permissible extent the intent and agreements set forth in this Privacy Policy.


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